General Information on Postgraduate Diploma Admissions


Question 1: What is PSET and what is this Post Graduate Diploma all about?


PITAD School of Economics and Trade is a newly established institution under the umbrella of PITAD with the aim to contribute significantly in the fields of Economics and International Trade as a leading public policy school. PSET objective is to play an intellectual role in executing Post Graduate Diploma, Masters, M. Phil and Ph. D programmes in Economics and International Trade for the individuals and researchers with educational background of economics, social & management sciences. The theme behind PSET is to tackle the complexities of world's marketplace and provide leadership to government organizations, corporations and institutions on the globalised economy and trade through its comprehensive academic programmes. In the beginning phase, it is launching Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Applied Quantitative Research Techniques for the individuals and researchers. Next to this, MS, M. Phil and Ph. D programmes are in the queue. PSET with its distinguished local and foreign qualified faculty and dynamic researchers will execute its programmes successfully.


Question 2: How do I Apply for Postgraduate Admission?


All the information about PSET and PGD can be found in PGD Leaflet and Prospectus. The PSET Prospectus and PGD Proforma can be obtained from the PSET Campus/PITAD’s Address at cost of Rs. 250 only.
For further information on admissions, please visit our website or

contact on Tel: 051 9202816. Application from can be obtained by post at a cost of Rs. 350, but applying by post may take long.


Question 3:  I don’t have the results of my final exams, can I still make an application?


No, only the applicants who have received their final grades of their qualifications will be eligible for applying in PSET-PGD.


Question 4:  What supporting documents are required for my specific PGD programme? 


The following documents are required to be attached with the admission form:

  • Attested copies of previous educational records.
  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • Two attested passport size photographs.


Question 5:  Where can I obtain the application form? When do I apply?


Application forms can be obtained from PSET Campus (PITAD, State Life Building No. 7, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad). The last date for submission of application is 10th February, 2010. Please visit our website: to get informed about latest updates on admissions.


Question 6: Can an application be posted to me?


Application package can be posted for a fee of 350Rs.


Question 7: What if I haven't got the supporting documents ready within five working days?


We recommend that you send in all supporting documentation as soon as possible. Incomplete applications may not be considered as programme director may not review your application until it's complete.

Question 8: Does the Postgraduate Diploma programme require applicants to have any related working experience?


Though, it is not a prerequisite to have any related work experience, yet candidates having experience will be given privilege.


Question 9: After You Have Applied...What Happens Next?


After receiving your applications, only the applicants fulfilling the criteria will be contacted for the admission test and interviews. Afterwards selected applicants will be informed for their final acceptance in PGD programme. Applicants will be contacted through their personal contact numbers and emails.


Question 10: What is the entrance examination for the Postgraduate Diploma Programme?


Short-listed applicants are required to pass an entrance examination in General Quantitative Tools. This entry test is usually in a multiple-choice format, aiming to know applicants’ basic knowledge of Quantitative Techniques & Tools.


Question 11: How much is the application fee? Is it refundable?


The application fee is not refundable in any case.


Question 12: When will I hear about the status of my application?


When applying to PGD programme, you should wait at least for three days till the closing date of application. Similarly, for the admission test, you should wait up to three days before you would expect the notification about your selection.


Question 13:  When do PGD classes will start?


For the current PGD programmes, classes will be commenced from 17th February 2010.


Question 14: Will the late applications be accepted?


Commencement Date for PGD programme may be extended, incase, if we receive limited number of applications. Otherwise Class sessions will start on given schedule. Please contact PSET Programme Manager for more details.


Question 15: Will I receive orientation information, etc., before registration?


The preliminary information about the contents of Post Graduate Diploma Programme is provided in the leaf let of PGD and details are given in the prospectus.


Question 16: What are the General Guidelines on PGD Regulations?


The prospectus provides useful information on the Postgraduate Diploma Programme, Codes of Practice and general regulations.